Our Story

Fish and Chips for the future


We’ve long bemoaned the state of our national dish in the capital-with a few notable exceptions (which we won’t mention by name)  fish and chips too often just simply isn’t good enough; greasy fish, soggy chips and poorly prepared sides, its just all a bit, well, lazy.

We’ve set out to put some passion back in to this great institution, and to serve something we can be proud of. We’ve stayed true to the roots of the chippy, nothing fancy here (apart from, perhaps, the soft-shell crab burger), its good honest, good-value grub, homemade with care and attention and served with proper drinks

Our fish is sustainably line caught and delivered to us fresh. We treat it with respect, and prepare it simply, coating it in flour and our secret recipe 40ft beer batter, before frying it in sunflower oil;  a healthy neutral oil that lets the batter do the talking, and gives a good clean taste

Our sausages are made for us by our butcher, using welfare-friendly Dingley Dell pork, bred on a family run farm in Suffolk. The pork has a great taste, and a good fat content, which makes it perfect for our battered sausage

After extensive testing, we chose Lovers potatoes from Lincolnshire for our chips. These give a consistently delicious taste, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, all year round.We use Japanese style Panko breadcrumbs for our Halloumi and Scampi, which are light and airy and absorb far less oil then regular breadcrumbs

To go with all of this we make our own sauces and sides including tartare, Bangkok mayo, made with Thai curry paste and coriander, sweet chilli and aioli, as well as our curry sauce, which is made from our special blend of spices, coconut milk and double cream.

Oh yes, and of course mushy peas!

We avoid using plastics in our boxes, and all of our packaging and cutlery is biodegradable